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Does Air Duct Cleaning Help with Allergies?

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Air Duct Cleaning

If you find that your allergies flare up even when you’re inside, it might be time for an air duct cleaning from Camelot Service Company.

Allergens can become trapped in your air ducts over time, meaning every time your heat or air conditioning kicks on, these particles end up circulating throughout your home.

Our professional air duct cleaners are more than happy to help you clear the air in your home.

Common Household Allergens

There are four main allergens that are present in the majority of homes:

  • Dust: Dust mites are tiny organisms that live in fabric and are frequently found in pillowcases, beds, blankets, or couches.
  • Pet dander: Cats and dogs shed their dead skin cells in the form of dander, which is a common allergy trigger for many people. If you have a pet, it’s likely that you’re exposed to pet dander on a regular basis. However, even if you don’t have a pet, you risk being exposed to pet dander from previous owners or tenants of your home if the air ducts have not been cleaned since you moved in.
  • Pollen: Pollen from plants can cling to your clothes, hair, and shoes, eventually coming into the house with you and infiltrating your air ducts.
  • Mold: Mold can occur naturally in frequently damp areas of the home, such as basements. While not all mold is life-threatening, it can certainly irritate someone with allergies or asthma.

When these allergens get sucked into your HVAC system, the particles can cause symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, congestion, sneezing, coughing, or hives. In severe cases, exposure to allergens can result in throat swelling, vomiting or stomach cramps, or tightness in the chest. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible to check for allergies.

Air Duct Cleaning vs. Allergies

Air duct cleaning can help your allergies by removing these allergens from your air ducts, thereby preventing them from re-circulating. Our teams of Kalamazoo and Lansing air duct cleaners will first evaluate your home’s air ducts to determine what needs to be done. We will then use a powerful vacuum to extract all of the dust, grime, and dirt that has accumulated in your HVAC system over time.

Using specialized air duct cleaning tools, we will then agitate the air ducts to loosen any stubborn particles so they can also be extracted. Finally, we will clean the ducts and seal the system back up so it’s ready to use. Throughout the process, our air duct cleaners will limit the amount of dust and dirt that your home will be exposed to, so you can look forward to breathing clearly once it’s finished.

If you’re considering professional air duct cleaning in Lansing or Kalamazoo, MI, the qualified team at Camelot Service & Restoration can help! Our air duct cleaning specialists are happy to chat with you about how to rid your air ducts of common allergens. Give us a call at 844-210-7333 for our Kalamazoo/Lansing location to set up a consultation today.

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