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Your little athlete may look great on the field, but you don’t want them trudging a mess through your home. From dirt stains to equipment odors, we know how a clean space can go from enjoyable to barely livable. For a guide on how to take care of sports gear odors and athletic stains, keep reading.

Preventative Measures

When it comes to protecting your home from the outside elements, a proper welcome mat, like a scraper doormat, is your first line of defense.

You may want to go with that Michigan or Michigan State welcome mat, but is it actually going to clean the dirt and dust off people’s shoes or does it just look festive?

The best type of doormat has enough bristles so that when guests brush their boots and shoes against it, things like salt, dirt, dust, grass, and pollen get scraped off rather than left in your home.

Be sure to clean your doormat at least once a month. Some mats are washable while others need to be vacuumed so be sure to check the instructions on yours.

On top of this, asking your guests to take off their shoes also never hurts! For an added preventative measure, talk with us about our professorial carpet protection options. We offer packages that include deodorizing and stain protection!

Cleaning Dirt, Mud, and Grass

Nature may be delightful outside, but as soon as it starts to damage your home you’ll be scrambling for ways to keep it outside.

Standard vacuums and mops can clean up dirt, but they don’t offer a deep clean. If you have active athletes bustling in and out of your home, be sure to vacuum or mop at least once a week to prevent dirt build-up from tainting your floors. You could even have one of your ever-energized athletes do it!

We recommend scheduling a professional deep clean once every 6 months to a year though. A deep cleaning helps restore your floors to a more natural look, as some bacteria and natural residue build up over time and can’t be mopped out.

What to Do with Smelly Shoes

After running up and down the field, shoes like cleats become stink bombs. And we all know how kids often toss their shoes around rather than put them away properly!

Stinky shoes can ruin the smell to any room in your home. The challenging catch is that shoes like cleats often can’t be washed as it may ruin the durability of their material. Here’s what you or your athlete can do:

1st. Make sure they aren’t damp, wet, or still drying.

2nd. Try to scrub off anything that doesn’t belong like dirt, grass stains, or sludge. A pro-tip is to use something like a toothbrush to clear away those durable substances.

3rd. Try using baking soda to cleanse shoes of nasty odors. If the shoes have a detachable insole, be sure to remove it and clean it likewise. Leave the baking soda inside the shoes (and on the insole) overnight. This should help absorb the odors.

4th. Empty out the baking soda and vacuum any remaining residue out of the shoe.

If these tips don’t help, try leaving the shoes in the garage until the season ends and it’s time to buy a new pair! You can also use tips like baking soda to clean upholstery, but be cautious as some furniture may require a professional upholstery cleaning.

How to Get Rid of Sports Equipment Odors

Your athlete works hard while out competing or training at their sport. Hard work often means sweat though, and that means odors on everything from jerseys, practice clothes, shin guards, helmets, gloves, and more.

Rather than taking a thing of air freshener and hoping to blast the smell away, try to actually cleanse it. To properly clean gear, it has to be dry.

Most things can be washed down with water, shampoo, and baking soda. Be cautious though not to use any soap that has harmful chemicals in it because the gear may absorb those and harm the wearer.

Some articles of clothing like jerseys, pants, and gloves can be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning clothing helps kill bacteria and some odors. Always check the tags on clothing though as there may be a recommended treatment for them.

Need More Cleaning Advice?

As a professional service company in the Kalamazoo and Greater Lansing area, Camelot Service Company is your reliable carpet, tile, grout, and upholstery cleaner. For more cleaning tips and tricks, visit our blog page. If you’re in need of a professional cleaning service, feel free to contact us online or by phone at 844-210-7333.

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