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Steam Cleaning vs. Hot Water Extraction

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As a professional carpet cleaning company, we often get asked about our process and how it compares to other companies. The term “steam cleaning” is commonly a misconception in the professional cleaning industry though, as it’s not the steam that truly cleans something.

The process is really a hot water extraction method, which incorporates pressurized water, and results in steam. This method won’t harm your material and offers a deeper clean than traditional chemical products that are both harmful to people and the environment.

How Carpeting Gets Cleaned

Kalamazoo Lansing Carpet Cleaning Company

Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment is able to heat water past the boiling point and then force it out through pressurization. This highly intense method breaks apart dirt and grim and obliterates dust mites, allergens, residue, and other harmful things no one wants in or on their floors.

To start, we’ll inspect your carpeting and talk with you about any areas that may have seen complex damages like pet urine, vomit, or food and beverage stains. As we develop a plan we’ll talk about it with you.

Before a carpet cleaning service, we’ll move all your furniture if that hasn’t been done so that your carpeting is completely accessible. During the cleaning process, you will see a lot of steam but remember it’s not the steam that does the cleaning!

Afterword, we’ll check with you to guarantee satisfaction before returning your furniture to its original place.

How Tile Floors Get Cleaned

You may or may not notice all the buildup on your tile floors. Over time, little specks of dust, human skin cells, dirt, and other things like splatters from your stovetop start to layer your walking space.

Kalamazoo Lansing Carpet Cleaning Company

A quick sweep will certainly dust off some stuff, but it’s what has been slowly caking on overtime that’s the real challenge.

Traditional mops, sweepers, and brooms don’t have the industrial power to clean grout. Pressurized water does.

We’ll start your ceramic tile and grout cleaning by going over with you what areas you want to be cleaned, making note of areas that will require the most attention. Afterward, we’ll move any appliances necessary to ensure your entire floor is properly cleaned.

During the cleaning process, we make sure to spend longer periods of time on areas with more dynamic stains or problems. After we’re done, we’ll be sure to check with you that your floor looks good, and we’ll be sure to return any appliances to where they were.

How Upholstery Gets Cleaned

Upholstery cleaning is the best way to protect your furniture in the long run.

Over time, your furniture collects a lot of bacteria from things like skin cells, food particles, sweat, and things like dirt. Brushing your couch down once a month will help, but to actually clean it of the thousands of hidden germs you’ll need to get your upholstery professionally cleaned.

The process generally goes like this:

  • Inspection of age and fabric
  • Intense treatment on damaged areas
  • Hot water extraction deep cleaning
  • Drying process (usually only a few hours)

Ready for a Steam Cleaning?

Or, now that you know how the process works, maybe we should say hot water extraction cleaning. If you’re in need of a professional cleaning service, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online or by phone at 844-210-7333. As your Lansing and Kalamazoo, MI cleaning service, Camelot Service Company guarantees the highest quality service and can’t wait to make get your upholstery, carpet, and tile looking clean again.

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