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What to Do After Your Home Has Flooded

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There’s a reason we refer to flooding as a natural disaster. Floods are devastating for communities, businesses, and families. In a flooding emergency, what’s most important is making sure you and your family are safe.

But what happens after the flood? It can be overwhelming to revisit your home after evacuation and see the flood damage for the first time. There’s so much that needs to be done — where do you even begin? What does water damage restoration even look like for your home?

Camelot Emergency Water Removal is here to help. If your home has been flooded, our emergency water removal experts can help you take your next steps. 

1. Stay Safe

Your number one priority is to protect yourself and your family. Unfortunately, even after the storm is over, hidden dangers remain.

The first threat you need to be conscious of is contaminated water. Always assume that outdoor floodwater is contaminated. Resist the urge to immediately drive home and assess your damage after a flood. You may walk right into a health hazard.

The second threat you should be aware of is electrocution. If your home has been flooded due to a storm or other disaster, then it’s likely your community may have downed power lines or other issues with electricity. The wires within your home itself may be exposed. Water is a powerful conductor of electricity, which means it’s unsafe for you to enter your flooded home until you’re certain there’s no risk of electrocution.

All of this is to say that the safest choice is to call a water removal service. Our water removal experts know about the dangers that accompany flood-damaged homes. We can work to neutralize any threats to your safety while assessing your home for flood damage.

2. Remove the Water and Dry Your Home

The next thing you have to do is remove the water, and quickly. The longer the water stays in your home, the more flood damage you’ll suffer and the more likely you’ll be at risk for mold to develop. Getting rid of water quickly can make the difference between having to refurbish or restore your possessions and having to replace them.

Our water removal contractors work quickly to physically remove all of the water from your home. Not only do we remove the water, but we also clean your home to prevent any mold from forming.

Once the water has been removed, we can now thoroughly dry your home. We’ll use state-of-the-art technology to reduce the moisture levels in your home back to their pre-flood levels.

3. The Road to Restoration

The last step is to try to restore your home. This involves a number of steps. For the water removal service you hire, it means sanitizing and deodorizing your home and removing anything that’s suffered too much water damage to save. Depending on your flood damage, that could include just a few cardboard boxes in your basement, or it could include more structural components such as your hardwood floors or your drywall.

Your insurance can play a big role in helping you restore your home after a flood. Once your home is safe to enter, you can take pictures of your flood damage. Your insurance company may send out an adjuster to assess the damage firsthand.

The road to restoration is long, but it is possible. The sooner you call a water removal service, the shorter that road will be. Our water removal experts will do everything within their power to salvage your home and your possessions.

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