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Carpet Repair Restoration Kalamazoo, MISometimes, your carpet might need more TLC than a simple cleaning can fix. Damaged carpet can be unsightly and embarrassing to show off when guests come over. High-quality carpet repair is the solution!

Over time, it’s common for carpeting to acquire stains, lumps and bumps, and even intense damage from pets or flood damage. No matter how careful you might be in maintaining your carpet, life happens!

Carpet Repair & Restoration

The good news is that the carpet repair technicians at Camelot Emergency Water Removal have the knowledge, tools, and skills to repair almost any carpet problem you’ve got. By having your carpet restored, you’ll extend the life of your carpet and save money in the long run by avoiding a total carpet replacement.

What We Fix

There is a number of reasons why you might want to get your carpet restored, and carpet repair costs a fraction of the amount that a carpet replacement would. Our carpet restoration professionals have experience in successfully fixing the following carpet issues:

  • Tears
  • Burns
  • Holes
  • Seams
  • Re-stretching
  • Permanent stains
  • Worn or stained padding
  • Pet damage
  • Water damage
  • Other carpet issues, as needed

Carpet that is buckling, rippling, or pulling apart is usually the result of a bad installation, heavy furniture moving, pets, or water leaks. None of these issues are enough to warrant replacing the entire carpet when it could be an easy fix! If you’re not sure whether your carpet can be saved, give our team a call and we can give you a consultation.

Our pricing for carpet repair and restoration varies depending on the size and scope of the project, with additional services such as 3M Scotchguard protection available at an additional cost.

At Camelot Emergency Water Removal in Greater Lansing and Kalamazoo, MI, our carpet restoration techniciansare always willing to answer your questions. To contact us or request a free estimate, give our office a call at (866) 323-2335.

24 Hour Emergency Response

The staff at Camelot Emergency Water Removal is on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide immediate response for water damage emergencies at your home or office building.

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