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Getting Your Boat Cleaned Before Winterizing It

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Boat Cleaning Company Lansing Kalamazoo MichiganAfter you pull your boat out of the water, you may want to just park it or drop it off at a shrink-wrapping facility. Beware though that this could mean thousands of dollars in future repairs!

You NEED to get your boat cleaned before it’s winterized–and not just rinsed down with a hose.

A proper boat cleaning will preserve the life of your watercraft. For information on how your boat should be cleaned, keep reading.

Scrubbing Off Dirt and Scum

When you pull your boat out of the water, any dirt and scum on its hull needs to be cleaned off. You know those green and brown looking splotches of algae and other gunk? Yeah, those are what we’re talking about.

If dirt and scum are not removed they’ll become much harder to remove in the spring–if they can be removed at all. After sitting for so long, these impurities start to become one with your boat, and can even damage your paint and hull. A proper boat cleaning will save you from headaches down the road so you can continue coasting.

A Proper Polishing

Boat Cleaners Lansing Kalamazoo MichiganAfter removing all the unwanted substances like algae from your boat with a proper clean, you’ll need to put a polishing coat on it to protect it while it sits for the winter. The polishing coat will help protect it from things like pollen, dirt, and general dust. These may not seem like concerns while your boat sits in a garage or warehouse, but just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Over the winter, these tiny particles build up and can damage or stain your boat.

Cleaning Your Interior

Inside your boat, there’s probably carpeting and vinyl seats. These need to be cleaned of all dirt and water residue because any of those summer fun remnants could severely damage your vessel over winter.

Boat Cleaning Lansing Kalamazoo MichiganAs carpet cleaners, we know how when dirt and moisture sit they give way to mildew. This becomes an even greater risk when your boat is shrink wrapped because there’s less air circulation so fungus can form and spread faster, which could permanently damage your boat’s seats and flooring.

As a professional boat cleaning company, we know this turf better than anyone. We’ll make sure to get your carpets and seats in a premium condition so you won’t have to stress about them while your boat sits. Then, when spring arrives, you’ll be able to pull out your beloved craft and enjoy more days out on the water and fewer days scrubbing it down.

Don’t Forget the Teak!

The baseboard in the back of your boat that runs along the water’s edge, the teak, also needs to be cleaned properly. Failing to do so can result in early warping and mold. If this happens the teak will have to be removed and replaced or professionally restored.

Need a Boat Cleaning?

If you’re in need of a boat cleaning this year don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (888) 325-2335. As your Lansing and Kalamazoo professional cleaners, Camelot Service Company wants to make sure your boat’s floor and seats are ready for hibernation!

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