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When it comes to health risks, the cleaning of methamphetamine labs presents many dangers. The ingredients used to make the drug include hydrochloric acid, iodine, benzene, ammonia, methanol, and acetone, which all leave some level of toxic residue. This residue coats every surface it comes into contact with and can even remain present in the air for very long periods of time.

Additionally, these hazardous pollutants are absorbed through the skin, making meth lab cleanup extremely dangerous. Health issues associated with this exposure include (but are not limited to) kidney damage, liver damage, lung damage, blindness, birth defects, and reproductive disorders. The area will never be safe again unless it is properly cleaned, which is why you should only trust the experienced professionals at Camelot Service Company.
plastic sheeting installation during hazardous cleanup in an office building

There's No Substitute For Hazardous Cleanup Experience

Having offered meth lab cleanup for more than 10 years now, the technicians at Camelot Service Company are Methamphetamine Building Remediation certified. If you choose to work with contractors with less experience that aren't certified, you run the serious risk of not only being dissatisfied, but your property will not be hazard-free.

The dangers of meth lab cleanup continue to increase if you will not call us. When you need hazardous cleanup the most, only Camelot Service Company can get the job done right.
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