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How Do I Prepare My House for Carpet Cleaning?

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When was the last time you scheduled professional carpet cleaning? Depending on your warranty, you shouldn’t let more than 12 to 18 months pass without giving us a call. Our carpet cleaners use hot water extraction to remove dirt and other stains. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy carpet flooring that looks and feels like new. Continue reading to learn how to prepare your house for carpet cleaning.

How Do I Prepare My House for Carpet Cleaning?

Vacuum High-Traffic Areas

It may seem counterintuitive to vacuum before professional carpet cleaning. Yet, that’s exactly what we’re asking you to do. Vacuuming helps remove dirt and hair on the surface. It also fluffs carpet fibers so it’s easier for us to remove deep stains and ground-in dirt. Think of it this way. If you have layers of dirt and grime covering carpet, it’s much easier for us to deep clean when the top layer is clean.

Remove Breakables

During professional carpet cleaning, we bring in bulky hoses and other equipment. For this reason, we ask that you remove fragile and/or meaningful items from the room. While our carpet cleaners are always careful, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Move Small Pieces of Furniture

If possible, move small pieces of furniture to another room so we’re able to access more carpet. We’re also able to move furniture, but it may cost you extra. Let us know your needs ahead of time so we can give you an accurate quote for carpet cleaning. That way, you know what to expect with deep carpet cleaning.

Secure Pets

Put your pets in another room and close the door before we arrive. While we’re not responsible for your pets getting loose, we’d feel bad if anything happened. During professional carpet cleaning, we have to keep your front door open for our hoses. These hoses lead to our truck-mounted equipment, allowing us to deep clean carpets.

Move Drapes Up Off Floor

We use cleaning agents and pressurized hot water to loosen debris from carpets. Almost immediately, a strong vacuum sucks up the water and grime left behind. Before carpet cleaning, we ask that you move drapes up off the floor. That way, your drapes won’t touch the carpet during cleaning and drying.

Reserve a Parking Spot

Leave a spot in your driveway for our carpet cleaner‘s vehicle. We use truck-mounted equipment, which means we need to be as close to your home as possible. When you reserve a parking space for us, it saves time you would have spent on shuffling family vehicles.

Let Us Know About Trouble Spot

Let our professional carpet cleaners know about any trouble spots in your home. For example, pet stains can be particularly tough to remove. Also, let us know what areas of your home receive the most foot traffic. That way, our carpet cleaners will be able to give those areas the most attention. We pride ourselves on listening to your concerns to offer excellent customer service.

Our carpet cleaners in Lansing and Kalamazoo work hard to earn your business. We do everything in our power to clean dirt, dust, and other debris trapped deep in carpet fibers. To request a quote for our professional carpet cleaning services, call Camelot Service Company at (866) 323-2335.

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