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If you suddenly experience water damage or mold in your home or office, don't panic. Water-related damage such as burst water pipes, appliance leaks, plumbing overflows, or toilet overflows can occur at any time. Those lead to additional damages like wood floor damage, structural damage, etc. After any water damage, immediate water removal is required.

Mold grows in environments with high levels of humidity, water, and temperature. As mold is a fungus, it reproduces by creating spores. Mold can cause several health issues such as asthma attacks, irritation of the eyes and skin, and allergic reactions. That's why mold remediation is necessary.

Camelot has been providing the most efficient water removal and mold remediation services since 1993. Our well-trained and highly skilled crews are always ready to serve you. Any time you need professional services for the above issues, contact 844-210-7333.

Why Need Professionals from Camelot?


Experience: We the professionals at Camelot have years of hand on experience. We will remove water thoroughly from your place and restore your home to its pre-damage condition. We‘ll remove mold from its source so that it cant be back anymore.

Efficient cleanup: We have all the necessary equipment. By applying the appropriate process of cleaning we’ll clean mold thoroughly and complete our job effectively.

Safeguards Your Health: Your and your family’s safety is our first priority. After ensuring safety we’ll begin our process. 

Reduced Losses and Remediation Costs: Our quick response will help you minimize additional damage and will assist reduce long-term restoration costs.

Professional advice: We can give you some professional tips, by following those you will be able to minimize damage at the time of emergency.

Rely on Camelot For Water Removal & Mold Remediation Services

If you reside in Burlington and you need professional water removal and mold remediation services then you are in the right place. We also provide carpet water damage, mold testing, mold decontamination, commercial restoration, etc services.

Whenever you want to take services from us, simply call at 844-210-7333. For more information about our services, click here.

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