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Commercial Restoration Services & Mold Remediation in Caledonia

Sudden water damage is very much stressful. Anyone can unexpectedly have a plumbing overflow, appliance leak, or burst water pipe at a commercial place. These can leave your working area in a mess and makes a barrier in your daily work. Hence, commercial restoration becomes mandatory after water damage.

Mold grows in environments with high humidity, water, and temperature. Because mold is a fungus, it reproduces by dispersing spores. Mold or mold stains diminish the beauty of your home or office. For these reasons, mold removal is important.

The best commercial restoration and mold removal services have been provided by Camelot since 1993. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teams are always ready to serve you. To get help with the mentioned problems, dial 844-210-7333.

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Why Commercial Restoration Services and Mold Removal are Necessary?

Water-damaged areas can cause severe health risks if water-damage restoration is delayed. Moreover, it destroys rugs and furniture. It damages wood and jeopardizes the structural integrity of your workplace. Commercial water damage restoration in a timely manner helps you to quickly and efficiently save any important belongings, such as documentation, furniture, devices, and so on.

After water damage, mold can grow easily in the dampness that is left behind after the water has subsided. It can cause asthma problems, eye and skin irritation, and allergic reactions, among other health problems. It also reduces indoor air quality by creating a musty atmosphere at your place. Therefore, mold remediation is necessary to prevent those problems.

Rely on Camelot for Best Services

If you live in Caledonia and are looking for professional commercial restoration and mold removal services, you've come to the right site. We also provide water removal, carpet water damage, mold testing, mold decontamination, and other services.

Whenever you require our assistance, just dial 844-210-7333. Our IICRC-trained technicians are 24/7/365 available. Contact us online for more information about our services.

Completed Jobs from Caledonia

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May 07, 2023 | Caledonia, MI

Project Manager, Tim Young, arrived onsite to assess the damage in their finished basement. Once scope of work was determined, Tim discussed it with the homeowner. Crew Chief, Cody, and partner, Casey, arrived and began to clean up the affected areas by extracting the wet carpet and pad. Then they removed the wet and damaged, pad, dry wall, baseboards and insulation. They then sanitized and set up professional drying equipment to make sure the home was properly dried out.

January 10, 2023 | Caledonia, MI

Camelot Emergency Water Removal Project Manager, Justin Popp, thoroughly assessed the damage and communicated the scope of work with the homeowner. Two of our technicians helped with water extraction, disinfection, and removal of all unsalvageable materials in the space. Drying equipment was set up in the main floor bathroom and in the basement to ensure the home was properly dried. The home was dry in a few short days.

October 24, 2022 | Caledonia, MI

Our project Manager, Tim, arrived to the home withing the hour to assess the damage in the basement. He communicated the process with the homeowner and then quickly got a crew out to the home. After the standing water was removed, the damaged floor needed to be removed to ensure proper drying. The team spent the day pumping out water, sanitizing, and then setting up drying equipment to ensure everything was properly dried.

May 10, 2022 | Caledonia

Project Manager, Tim Young, arrived first to thoroughly inspected the damage. He took moisture readings and discussed the process with the homeowner. Soon after, Crew Chief, Lon and partners arrived to begin extracting water and removed affected baseboards to ensure proper drying. Drying equipment was set up, including wall cavity drying units to help properly dry the walls.

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