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Shower and tub overflow cleanup and restoration in Southwest Michigan

Showers and tubs accumulate wastes such as hair, dried soap and plastic from grooming products such as loofahs.

These wastes, over time, create blockages in the cover or lid  of the drain casing overflow and flooding. A flooded toilet is a very unhygienic hassle and naturally a health hazard in terms of infectious and skin diseases. For people with sensitive skin or sensitive body immunity or worst if you have conditions like eczema, it is completely out of the question for you to deal with the emergency by yourself.

At Camelot we provide professional cleanup service for shower and tub overflow to the people of CaldoniaCharlotte and other cities all across Southwest Michigan. Call Camelot at 844-210-7333 for A1 cleanup and restoration service during shower and tub overflow. 

Causes of shower and tub clogging overflow:

  • Mold: mold from the moisture left behind by  internal faulty or broken water pipes can create structural damage causing clogs and blockages resulting in shower and tub overflow
  • Termites:termites from water damage can cause clogs in the drain pipes of showers and tubs causing overflow. 
  • Dried soap:most soaps and personal hygiene products are also abrasive and reactive to air, as soap dries it creates a thick film which block drain covers. 
  • Toilet cleaners: toilet cleaners like bleach, Harpic and phenyl are highly abrasive chemicals which means they cause wear and corrosion in the cover of the drain and the worn out fine metal residues accumulate over time forming clogs.  
  • Hairballs: Accumulation from hairballs can block the main drain causing shower and tub overflow.
  • Lead: lead from tubs and showers can wear off like rust and  cause internal water pipes to clog up creating overflow
  • Extreme hot water: repeated exposure to extreme hot water can cause abrasion creating clogs and resulting in overflow  
  • A new tub: A tub with a fresh coat of paint can cause drainage clogs resulting in overflow. 

Keep complete faith in Camelot Emergency Water Removal getting the job done right during an overflowing shower and tub

Camelot has been cleaning and repairing overflowing showers and tubs,since the early 90s, for the people of Belding, Cascade and other cities all across Southwest Michigan. Our IICRC certified team are available to you 24/7. Call Camelot at 844-210-7333 or reach us at our contact us page.  

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