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Why Get Your Upholstery Professionally Cleaned

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A professional furniture cleaning can provide your upholstery with a fresh appearance, preserved furniture life, and allergy and asthma safety. When it comes to your favorite couch or chair, do you know about all the unwanted particles they may hold?

Every year, homes collect around 40 lbs of unwanted dust, allergens, and dirt, but a professional cleaning can help remove these particles and restore the appearance of your furniture. Here’s why you should get your upholstery cleaned on a regular basis.

1. Fresh Appearance

You don’t notice dust, sweat, pet dander, and other bacteria accumulating in and on your upholstery over time…but they’re still there. Did you know your upholstery could have more bacteria in and on it than your toilet seat? Microbiologists have found that sofa arms collect and harbor thousands of more bacteria than the things in your bathroom.

All of these nasty particles will alter the look, smell, and feel of your upholstery over time, and in order to get them out, you’ll need a professional cleaner.

Standard vacuums and even intuitive DIY methods don’t offer the same power professional equipment does to really pull out and extract all the unwanted materials. After a professional cleaning, you’ll be able to see how your furniture has a fresh, like-new appearance.

2. Preserves  Furniture Life

Like a professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning should be scheduled at least once a year. Upholstery is something people value and is often an investment, but it will deteriorate over time if not properly taken care of.

A professional upholstery cleaning means that your furniture receives the TLC it needs to last a lot longer. DIY cleaning methods are often ill-advised because most traditional products and methods may make your upholstery look cleaner for a time, but can actually damage your furniture in the long run.

3. Allergy and Asthma Safety

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, an upholstery cleaning might help ease your symptoms. All of the particles your upholstery collects over time can degrade the air quality in your home.

This often results in people having worse allergic reactions, having more concerns with their asthma, and sometimes even increases the spread of common colds. A standard vacuum may help, but it won’t pull out the deep particles from your favorite chair. Our team specializes in tackling these substances head-on so that you can enjoy breathing clean air when you sit.

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