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How Often Should You Hire a Carpet Cleaning Service for the Office?

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When it comes to the office, you’ll want to hire a professional cleaning company about every 6 months to come in and clean your floors. There are other reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaning company earlier than that for events like company parties or accidental messes, and there are also weekly things you can do to make sure your place looks professional until that 6 month period. To learn more about cleaning the office and hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, keep reading.

Why Clean Your Office Carpets Twice a Year?

If you properly maintain your office every week, you should only have to hire a professional cleaning company to come in twice a year to clean your carpets.

The reason for twice a year is because your office has a lot more dirt and bacteria in it than you think, or can even see. Over time, staff shoes, boots, clothing, and more track in dirt and bacteria that fall into your carpets. You can vacuum the carpets, but there’s only so much that a vacuum can clean.

Professional cleaning companies like Camelot do what’s called a hot water extraction, and afterward, you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference in your floors.

The best time to schedule a cleaning is in early March and late September. Early March is a good time because all the winter’s salt and dirt will ruin your floors if not cleaned properly. You may want to avoid professionally cleaning your floors midseason because then you might have to schedule another cleaning when winter ends.

Late September is another good time because things like sand, mud, and skin cells fall into carpeting, especially during the summer months. Rather than allowing those things to sit there and contaminate your working area, you’ll want to get the space cleaned so everyone can continue working unharmed.

Vacuuming Your Carpet Once a Week

To prevent your company from needing more than two professional cleanings a year, you’ll want to make sure you vacuum your office at least once a week.

If you’re a retail store or place that sees a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want to vacuum it every day.

Floors can get stained pretty easily, and leaving dirt, salt, or other substances on them for even a few days can cause a lot of damage.

A weekly or daily office vacuuming will help keep your staff happy too, because no one likes to work in a place that has dust or salt markings everywhere.

Party Cleanup and Accident Maintenance

An office party can be a lot of fun until someone knocks the punch bowl over or spills the chili.

If your office party created a mess, there’s only so much you can do with a standard vacuum. Sure, you might be able to clean up sparkles, throw away tablecloths, and tear down streamers, but getting a stain out of the carpet is our department.

Carpet stains are pesky, and if not treated, they could permanently damage your flooring. Before a stain gets worse, call a professional carpet cleaner so we can get your office space ready for the next big celebration.

Need an Office Carpet Cleaning Service?

If your office needs a carpet cleaning, Camelot Cleaning Service is here to help. As a professional carpet cleaning service for Lansing, Kalamazoo, and Portage MI, we know how to fight back against all kinds of carpet stains from wine, chocolate, or even puke. Feel free to contact us online today or by phone at 844-210-7333 to schedule a service.

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