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Job completed for Toilet overflow in Delton, MI

Completion date: October 19, 2022

Location: Delton, MI

Why did the customer contact us?

At this church in Delton, Michigan, a toilet ran for over 30 hours causing damage to 7 rooms in their basement. They needed assistance properly drying their church.

Solutions provided:

Project Manager, Tim, arrived to the job and properly inspected all the rooms of the basement, using a moisture meter to ensure all affected areas would be properly dried. Tim communicated with the customer the course of action and the Camelot team got to work. They began with extracting all the water from the various rooms and then proper sanitation was preformed. From there drying equipment was set up, including some wall cavity drying units to ensure proper drying of all the walls that were impacted! Within a few days the basement was dry!

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