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Appliance Leak Prevention Tips in Lansing & Kalamazoo, MI

Home appliance leaks can be common. Slow leaks can hide and be difficult to detect until water damage is obvious. Flooding, rot, warping, rust, mildew, content and surface damage, or mold are all potential effects of appliance leaks.

Camelot Emergency Water Removal stops appliance leaks at the source and performs superior water damage cleanup and restoration. Camelot has a keen understanding of appliance leak issues and offers appliance leak prevention tips that might head off problems before they begin. For appliance leaks that have already occurred and assistance with cleanup and water removal, call 844-210-7333 to learn more about how we can help.

Our Appliance Leak Prevention Tips for Michigan Homes

At Camelot Emergency Water Removal, we see every kind of appliance leak on a daily basis. Tips for keeping specific appliances leak-free include:

Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher: Keep the dishwasher line clean. Consider replacing dishwashers every 10 or more years. Regularly check that the dishwasher valve is not too loose. Ensure that the seal, spray arm, and float switch are functioning correctly.

  • Washing machine: Install the flood sensor and single-lever shutoff valve, and do not overload the machine. Replace your power cord every five years if possible. Close your washing machine valve if you are away from home for an extended period.

  • Refrigerator: Periodically clean gaskets and change filters if necessary. Cleaning faucets yearly is crucial. Lastly, do not overload the fridge.

  • Air conditioner: Clean or replace your air filter at least twice a year. Adequately insulate AC drain pipe and check AC refrigerant level periodically.

Appliance Leak Services in Lansing & Kalamazoo, MI

Why Camelot For Appliance Leaks?

Benefits of choosing Camelot Emergency Water Removal as your solution for appliance leaks and cleanup include:

  • Family-owned
  • Fully insured & licensed
  • Experienced since 1993
  • IICRC-certified
  • 24/7 availability for emergency water removal
  • Specialize in water removal and structural drying
  • Equipped to respond to any size job within one hour
  • Maintains industry standard
  • Free estimates for all services

Choose Camelot For Appliance Leaks & Emergency Cleanups in Kalamazoo, MI

For appliance leak cleanup, refrigerator leaks, or water damage from any appliance flood, contact Camelot Emergency Water Removal immediately at 844-210-7333 for assistance. We want to help when you're struggling with a water damage emergency and get you on your way to restoration and recovery.

Services we offer include water cleanup, sewage removal, plumbing overflow cleanup, appliance leak cleanupwater heater breaks, washing machine overflow, toilet overflow, dishwasher overflow, and other water removal issues. In Potterville, Charlotte, Mason, Williamston or other cities in the Kalamazoo & Lansing service area, our emergency teams are available 24/7. Contact us online for a free appliance inspection to prevent potential leaks or detect existing ones.

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