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Kitchen Sink Overflow Repair and Restoration in Southwest Michigan

Kitchen sinks are subject to daily waste accumulation due to their fixed and  required usage in a household. Naturally without routine maintenance, kitchen sinks will build up clogs in the pipeline resulting in kitchen sink overflow and worst indoor flooding. Due to the type of organic wastes a kitchen sink produces, an indoor flood from a kitchen sink overflow is a severe human health hazard. The potential that organic food waste carries in terms of bacterial growth poses a long list of infectious and skin diseases.

To keep yourself and your family safe from cross contamination and possible diseases avoid handling an overflowing kitchen sink on your own and call the best professionals in Southwest Michigan at Camelot Emergency Water Removal at 844-210-7333 for repair and restoration service of an overflowing kitchen sink. We offer services in Benton Harbor, Colon and other cities across Southwest Michigan

The aftermath of an overflowing kitchen sink or flooded kitchen

  • Strong foul smell: Due to the type of wastes a kitchen sink accumulates such as grease and  food waste, specifically eggs, as food waste decomposes, it produces hydrogen sulfide which is a chemical with the distinct smell similar to rotten eggs.  
  • Pool of backed up water: waste accumulation in both the drain cover and drain pipe block the path of water creating a pool of backed up water
  • Cross contamination of germs: As decomposing food waste is food for bacterial growth cross contamination from the water in an overflowing kitchen sink is a severe human health hazard 
  • Water Contamination: The main water supply is at risk of getting contaminated from backed up sewerage waste spreading contamination.  
  • Drawing in pests: Food waste acts as a magnet for pests like cockroaches and rats. 

When an overflowing kitchen sink is on the verge of destroying your home call Camelot Emergency Water Removal to the rescue:

Rely on our reputed service record since 1993 when your home has an overflowing kitchen sink. We are available at your aid 24/7 in Bedford, Breedsville and other cities across Southwest Michigan.  Call Camelot at 844-210-7333 or reach us at our contact us page. 

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